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Take Me Back (Ataris)

I am blue, the sky is grey, I guess it’s better off that way. There’s really not much left to say. I called you on the phone, Another guy said that you weren’t at Home, But, I don’t care I’ll call you again Anyway. Baby I’d give you the world... Please forget about those fifteen other Girls. I don’t care what they say... I didn’t mean to stand you up on our Wedding day. I’m sorry that I gave you that infection, And said we had sex on the love Connection. Can I ever make it up to you? I’m sorry that I made you mad, The things I did just didn’t seem that Bad... Except for maybe when I blew up your Car. Oh baby what can I do? ? ? Every girl I’m with makes me think of You. I call your name in my sleep. Too bad you think that I’m a creep. Please take me back... (5x)