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The Hero Dies In This One (Ataris)

D-A-Bm-G D G D 1. As I leave here today apartment while awake G I always keep you in my heart D G And the sideways cold tonight the leaves are scattered on the ground unto this D Bm G seasons, in the comfort of your smile A G D X1: Sometimes it sunk feels lack of train i'm wait on the side would just to A G D let me out, from this time D Bm G D G 2. As I look out at these fair grounds I remember how a fanlist peek apart D G I don't think that I had told you but I know you always emit your best D G in the hard times that always made you stronger A G D X2: As I sit here all alone, I wonder how am I suppose to A G D carry on, when you're gone Em G D B R: I'll never be the same without you, I love you more Bm G D and you will never know, so maybe now you're finally know Em G D sometimes we're held the same alone, but you won't get it let B Bm G D it gave you any tone, you must go here D Bm D G 3. Do you ever feel like crying, Do you ever feel like giving up D G I'll raised my hands up towards the sky, the cities felt for you tonight because D G nothing is impossible X2: As I sit here all alone... R: I'll never be the same without you... D---G (2x) D----Bm--Em--G Scream: Stay who you are!!! D----Bm--Em--G you must go here D Bm Em G Stay who you are, stay who you are, are (2x)