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Welcome The Night (Ataris)

Ebm 1. Can we understand life and live it at the same time B Bm Where is this purpose you speak of? Ebm I'll be the background of this photograph B The soundtrack to this night and we are fading out before our eyes Ebm B R: Close your eyes and welcome in the night (2x) Ebm B 2. In heaven so wonderful why are we oh so afraid of dying young Bm Ebm We are dying young We are the patterns and the shapes B The patchwork from the window on this place we are alone, alone, alone R: Close your eyes... C# D Bm Asm F#/B *: This television set, it burns my eyes and there is no one here B C# B Asm That can keep me warm tonight where is this purpose C# D Where is the lie, the lie, the lie Ebm--B R: Close your eyes... Asm--C#-D