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Corridors of Madness (Uriah Heep)

I'm looking out over the water Feeling the cold in my bones A terrible nightmare growing around me I never felt so alone I'm starting to see my reflection A whisper of light in the sky The dark water called me, pulling me in Down where the old spirits lie I look at the moon as it flickers Through the waves like a lost memory I'm losing control as the spirits are laughing Singing their dark harmony They try everything to destroy me They're drawing me into the game Question or answer, will I live or die Convincing me I am insane Ah ah ah... In the corridors of madness Ah ah ah... They go on and on and on Ah ah ah... They say they want to take me home They live in the world under water Maybe we end up this way But I'm still alive and I'm frightened to death The fear of watery grave I'm reaching out into the silence Begging for help to appear The whisper of light that was there in the sky Pulling me into the clear So don't look out over the water You never know what you will find You could be saved or you could be lost May even go out of your mind So now when you see your reflection As spirits are tempting you in Calling your name like a lamb to the slaughter Fearing the pendulum swing