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Gimme Love (Uriah Heep)

Love, love, love I'm looking for love Love, love, love When I was only sixteen Well, give it take a year or more I've got to singing about The life I've lead And I threw it right out of the door I've got to get some of That heavy jive That the old folks are talkin' about So I strutted my stuff To the local club To see what I was leaving now Looking for love, love, love Looking, looking for love Love, love, love I took my seat at The foot of the stage And waited for the fun to begin And there in the light Stood this heavy chick With the cutest babe That I've ever seen She smiled at me She did her dance Took me by surprise The way she wiggled her hips And she shook that ? Right between the eyes After the show she came And sat down Said, hi son, what's your name? I said, never mind that Think about this: Loving's the name of my game She said, that's alright But it'll cost you, son I said, tell me what's The price of the day She said, twenty dime And a wedding ring And everything will be O.K.