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Pilgrim (Uriah Heep)

A pilgrim at the gray of dawn Leaving in the mist of morning On his journey of goodness Heaven sent, God blessed Pilgrim laughing at the world Spreading joy at the touch of his hand Wiping out all the misery Making love and history Those of us who don't know war We shouldn't try to make it 'Cause so many did and even more died Do you think you could take it? 'Cause love lies waiting at our back door Such a beautiful matter of fact Life's like an apple with love as the core And I'll tell you 'bout that Just a man in my prime Love was there but I had no time I was cheered and adored And I thought fame was all the world Battles won and victory cheers Were the sounds I'd heard for years But the woman I really loved Was losing me to all this blood I only knew I had to win And build a world where I was king But leaders come and leaders go And that's the truth I came to know Love or war I could not choose And so both I had to lose