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Why Did You Go (Uriah Heep)

G I woke up today C With my head in daze F C G ‘Cause my love had gone G With nothing to do C Just to dream about you F C G And how we went wrong Em C But oh, why did you go Am D I loved you so, didn't you know G I walk into town C With my head hangin' down F C G Tryin' to hide my pain G The people I meet C As I float down the street F C G Tell me try again Am When I remember how good it was Em It makes me cry Am 'Cause my life's been Em Turned upside down E All I want is someone Am But how do you say Dm Please will you stay Am Please will you stay I’ll settle down to a life Of a clown to remain alive I’ll work till I bleed And if I can succeed Maybe I'll surviv