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Precious Declaration (Collective Soul)

Intro (first riff): E(Eb)(4x) G(F#) E(Eb) Hitched a ride to the peaceful side of town G(F#) E(Eb) Then proceeded where thieves were no longer found G(F#) C(B) Can't crash now I've been waiting for this G(F#) C(B) Won't crash now I've found some encouragement Chorus: G(F#) Precious Declaration Reads C(B) Yours is yours and mine you leave alone now G(F#) Precious Declaration says C(B) I belive all hope is dead no longer Break: Eb(4x) G(F#) (E)Eb New meanings to the words I feed upon G(F#) (E)Eb Wake within my veins elements of freedom G(F#) C(B) Can't break now I've been living for this G(F#) C(B) Won't break now I'm cleansed with hopefulness (Chorus) Bridge: A(As) Once I jumped through hoops of fire B(B) High and far as you require A(As) I was blind but now I see B(B) Salvation has discovered me E(Eb) (4x) G(F#) C(B) G(F#) C(B) Chorus (2x) Outro: E(Eb) (4x) That's just about it. Sorry that this isn't a better transcription, but I just didn't have time to get it any better than that. I'll have a TAB for you pretty soon. For corrections, misprints and good knock-knock jokes, my E-Mail is: Please address all mail on the subject line as "Joel Parks". Have fun!!!! Joel PRECIOUS DECLARATION by Collective Soul From the album: Disciplined Breakdown Tabbed by Fish a.k.a. Perry Ghioureliotis To start off, if you want to play along with the CD, you have to tune your guitar down half a step. It's not a very difficult song to play. The hardest part is that awesome killer riff that starts off the song and occurs at different places throughout. Well here it is, enjoy! Drums enter then guitar one starts of with the following riff: Riff 1 |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |---------------------X-X-| |-------0-------------X-X-| |---0h1---2-0---X-2-2-X-X-| |-0-----------3-X-0-0-X-X-| An alternate way of playing this if your distortion tends to get muddy with the open strings ringing is like this: |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |---------------------X-X-| |---------------------X-X-| |-------5-------X-2-2-X-X-| |-0-5h6---7-5-3-X-0-0-X-X-| Guitar one plays this riff twice on it's own and is then joined by guitar 2 and played twice more. After that the first verse begins. The verses are a combination of a muted G power chord and Riff 1 Verse: G Riff 1 (twice) Hitched a ride to the peaceful side of town G Riff 1 (twice) Then longer found The prechourus has a couple of clean or slightly distorted guitars plus the lead (which is not tabbed). Open chords sound best here. The C chord is actually a Cadd9, it sounds better with the Cadd9 you can get by with just a regular C Prechourus: G C Can't crash now I've been waiting for this G C Won't crash now I found some encouragement In the chourus, the guitars become distorted again. More power chords here Chourus: G Precious declaration reads yours C is mine you leave alone now G Precious declaration says I C Es believe all hope is dead no longer The only other part different from the above parts is the bridge which is just distorted power chords Bridge: A Once I jumped through hoops of fire B High and far as you required A I was blind but now I see B D Salvation has discovered me The rest of the song is just repeats of the above sections. Listen to the song, they are to figure out. I've been working on the leads a little. If any one has sugestions for them maybe you could post them or add them to this file.