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El Dorado (Iron Maiden)

Got to tell you a story On a cold winters night You'll be sailing for glory Before you know what is right So come over here now I've got a vision for you It's my personal snakeoil? Can't understand Its just something I do And the jester with no tears? And im clinging on you fears And a trickester spiraling underneath this mask of love and death The eternal lie Ive told About the pyramids of gold Ive got you hunt down every turn your moneys left to burn? Haha You'll be wanting a contract Youll be waiting a while Id like to give you my contact But that isn't my style When you only get one chance And its two to miss If I didn't let you ??? Then I wouldn't exist Creed lust and envy pry In the same old same old way Smoking mirrors visions that you see are just like me Im a clear but dangerous face Which is never out of place I know some one just like you know some one just like me! El Dorado! of color free EL Dorado stuck this way Take a ticket for El dorado el dorado o streets of gold See the ship almost sold ?? The word less chance to drown So God is the glory So God is the gold Well if you need a story ??? has to be told Well you can say im a devil And I wouldn't say no But out here on the dark side Hey! I will show Soo never tell this tale Been bad and twice as bald This ship of fools is sinking As the planks begin to row There is no easy way For a honest man to take Which is something you should think of as my boat sails away