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Fortunes of War (Iron Maiden)

After the war And now that they've sent us homeward I can't help but feel that I'm on my own No one can see just what this conflict has done to The minds of the men who are on their way home I'm scarred for life but it's not my flesh that's wounded So how can I face the torment alone The vivid scenes and all the recurring nightmares I lay there and sweat until it gets light People say 'don't worry' Say that time's a perfect healer That the nightmares they will come to pass Can't hear what they're saying I am living in my own world And I'm feeling trance-like all the time I hear voices in my head Could I really be going crazy In the night the visions seem so real Do you care if you live or die When you laugh are you really crying You're not sure what's real anymore Fortunes of war Fortunes of war Fortunes of war no pain anymore Sometimes I wake I feel that my spirit's broken I wonder if I've the strength... carry on carry on