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Heaven Can Wait (Iron Maiden)

Can't understand what is happening to me, This isn't real, this is only a dream, But I never have felt, no I never have felt this way before, I'm looking down on my body below, I lie asleep in the midst of a dream, Is it now could it be that the angel of death has come for me? I can't believe that really my time has come, I don't feel ready, there's so much left undone, And it's my soul and I'm not gonna let it get away. R: Heaven can wait, Heaven can wait, Heaven can wait, Heaven can wait til another day. R: Heaven can wait... I have a lust for the Earth below And Hell itself is my only foe, 'Cause I've no fear of dying, I'll go when I'm good and ready, I snatch a glimpse of the light's eternal rays, I see a tunnel, I stand amazed, At all of the people standing there in front of me, Into the paths of rightness I'll be led, Is this the place where the living join the dead? I wish I knew this was only just a nightmare. R: Heaven can wait... (2x) Take my hand, I'll lead you to the promised land, Take my hand, I'll give you immortality, Eternal youth, I'll take you to the other side, To see the truth, the path for you is decided. Oh Oh * lots. My body tingles, I feel so strange, I feel so tired, I feel so drained, And I'm wondering if I'll ever be the same again, Is this in limbo or in Heaven or Hell? Maybe I'm going down there as well, I can't accept my soul will drift forever. I feel myself floating back down to Earth, So could this be the hour of my rebirth? Or have I died or will I wake from dreaming? R: Heaven can wait... (2x)