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The Edge of Darkness (Iron Maiden)

I've looked into the heart of darkness Where the blood red journey ends When you've faced the heart of darkness Even your soul begins to bend For a week I have been waiting Still I am only in Saigon The walls move in a little closer I feel the jungle call me on Every minute I get weaker While in the jungle they grow strong What I wanted was a mission And for my sins they gave me one They brought it up just like room service Cause everyone gets what they want And when that mission was all over I'd never want another one I know, captain that you've done this work before We've got a problem you can help us all I'm sure The colonel's gone rogue and his methods are unsound You'll take a PBR up river track him down There's a conflict in every human heart And the temptation is to take it all too far In this war things get so confused But there are some things which can not be excused He's acting like a god an insane lunatic Your mission - exterminate with extreme prejudice The route is dangerous and your progress may be slow Here is the file and it's all you need to know Here I am the knife in my hand And now I understand why the genius must die Now I stand alone in darkness With his blood upon my hands Where sat the warrior the poet Now lie the fragments of a man