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The Red and the Black (Iron Maiden)

The morals of life and the perils of death Take the wrong way out running out of breath Meet my match in the afterlife Suppress the demons that plague the night A tortured mind is a safe place to go But the truth lurks down in the dark below Step inside my inquisitive mind Are you scared at what you just might find See myself in the hall of mirrors A different shape every step I take A different mind every step of the line But in the end they are all mine Laughing sorrow inside your head Can't get out just a feeling of dread I know this burden's a heavy load A dark mistake never ending road The black jack king and the red queen clash The artful dodger he counts his stash The joker's wild like an impish child While madame fortune she waits inside The good luck charm is overkill The tired old soldier says fire at will Planes overhead go search destroy The ones below human decoy I need somebody to save me Meanwhile we play the waiting game The clock is struck the horse is lame And when we think that this is done Chance your luck a four leafed one You hedge your bets the battle lost To wait in vain and count the cost The thin edged line Between good and bad And cast the luck be happy sad I need somebody to save me The red and the black People don't want the truth Look in their eyes and you send them away The red and the black Fate and hypocrisy Burden's a heavy load there is no doubt The red and the black All out of luck again How many chances can anyone have The red and the black Treachery out to win There in the wrong place and at the wrong time I need somebody to save me