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The Unbeliever (Iron Maiden)

When you start to take a look within Do you feel at ease with what you see Do you think you can have peace of mind And have self-belief or be satisfied Do you think you even like yourself Or really think you could be someone else Is there something that you'd rather be Never thought you'd be, had the chance to see All my life I've run away All my life I've tried to hide away Fell the paranoia creeping in Like a cancer eating at the skin Do you feel you've lost your self esteem And your self respect, what can you expect All my life... I've run astray Let my faith... slip away All my life... I've run astray Allowed my faith... to drift away Are you scared to look inside your mind Are you worried just at what you'll find Do you really want to face the truth Does it matter now, what have you got to loose Try to release the anger from within Forgive yourself a few immortal sins Do you really care what people think Are you strong enough to release the guilt