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Don't Pay The Ferryman (de Burgh Chris)

Emi C Emi C Emi D Emi D Emi Emi G 1. It was late at night on the open road. C Speeding like a man on the run. C G/B Ami G D A lifetime spent preparing for the journey. Emi G He was closer now and the search was on, reading from a map in the C mind, C G/B Ami G yes, there's the ragged hill, and there's a boat on the D river. Emi D Emi D And when the rain came down, he heard a wild dog howl, C G/B C There were voices in the night (don't do it), voices out of G/B sight (don't do it). C B7 Too many men have failed before whatever you do. Emi D Emi C D R: Don't pay the ferry man, don't even fix a price. Don't pay the ferry man until he gets you to the other Emi D Emi D Emi side. 2. In the roaming mist then he gets on board, now there'll be no turning back. Beware that hooded old man at the ruder. And then the lightning flashed and the thunder roared and people calling out his name, and dancing bows that jabbered and amoaned on the water. And then the ferry man said, there is trouble ahead, so you must pay me now (don't do it), you must pay me now (don't do it), and still that voice came through the air, whatever you do. R: Don't pay the ferry man... R: Don't pay the ferry man... (3x) Emi D D Emi Don't pay ----- the ferry man.