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In Love Forever (de Burgh Chris)

F 1. There's an angel crying up in Heaven tonight, A Dm And I've got the Devil in my heart, Hm F Because I keep saying things that I don't mean, Hm C And it's tearing us apart There's a wild wind blowing in the desert tonight, Oh how I long to feel the rain, And let it wash away these lonely tears, And bring us back again Dm A R: 'Cos it's a different world when I look into your eyes, F Hm You're the nearest thing that I have seen to Paradise, F C Hm C And I know with you I will be in love forever 2. There's a stranger waiting deep in every heart, To say the crazy things we say, But I promise you he won't be back, To steal your dreams away So come up close and put your sweet hand in mine, I'm going to hold you all night long, And if you wake up I will be here, To tell you that I love you R: 'Cos it's a different world... R: Yes it's a different world... F C Hm C Yes I know with you I will be in love forever