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Wall Of Silence (de Burgh Chris)

Hollywood is such a dream, And when you're only seventeen, it's wonderful, A movie man said she could be a star, A beauty queen, or a cover girl, She believes and packs up her things, And the wall of silence begins; Every night was party night, She was everyone's delight, he let her stay, And when he'd had enough, he threw her out, And she found work in a small cafe, When she called they put her on hold, And the wall of silence grows; Give me a break, Give me a break, This is Hollywood, Open the door, Open the door, What am I going to do, When the money runs out, And there isn't any doubt, That I'll have nowhere to go. Hollywood is just a dream, But when you're only seventeen, it's magical, She went home to hide away, She wore her sadness like a veil, and closed the door, Till the day she smiles and recalls, And the wall of silence falls...