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Night Calls (Cocker Joe)

Am G The night gang started working F Esus Laid a mile of solid road Dm C As I watched, I got to thinking Esus Am You ain't never coming home. G I looked out into nowhere F Esus There was nobody at all Dm C To get me help, to get me to you Esus Am I'm here making night calls. A C#m D C E R: Night calls, making night calls A C#m D C E Night calls, making night calls. A G A I have, I have tried so hard to reach you G A But you must be moving fast D C All my hopes about the future B E They'll just move on into the past. Am G You know it just ain't easy F Esus As the twilight starts to fade Dm C Sitting here on a chair I'm wondering Esus Am Thinking of the plans we made. R: Night calls...