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The Jealous Kind (Cocker Joe)

Girl, don't be angry if I seem rude Each time we meet A boy that you once knew [??] just to be so close to you It's just that I'm so afraid Someone might steal you away, I'd lose my mind So please forgive me for the way I act sometimes I'm the jealous kind If you only knew where I lived And didn't mind [?] can't you see [??] That I'm losing my mind I want you all to myself I don't want you shackin' with nobody else I can't help it if it's the way I act sometimes Because I'm the jealous kind You know I love you girl Just one more thing now,If you only knew How much it hurts me just to hear you say How, when we first met I can't think that those were the good old days Why must you hurt me so I can't stand it no more, I'm tryin' So please, I can't control these tears in my eyes Lord I'm the jealous kind I love you baby You know you've got me baby You know I'm the jealous kind