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Younger (Cocker Joe)

I'm gonna learn to play the bluesguitar I'm gonna drive a fast Italian car I'm gonna jump out off a plane and fly I'm gonna find a love and testify I'm gonna look within and figure out What this thing called life is all about When I get young...younger (2x) I'm gonna dance with fools and dine with kings Gonna hear the bells of Paris ring I'm gonna carve an angel out off wood I'm gonna give up cigarettes forgood I'm gonna find the perfect words to say So the one I love won't walk away When I get young...younger (2x) They're all on my list of things to do I'll get to them all before I'm through And what's still on my plate when the clock winds down will just have to wait 'till my next time around I'm gonna try to loose a pound or two I'm gonna sit back and admire the view I'm gonna memorize a Dylan song Fix all the things that I've done wrong And I'll appreciate the friends I've got Maybe give true love another shot When I get young...younger (4x) I'm gonna find my way back home When I get younger, some day