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Dream (Fat Ugly Crappy Kids)

D A 1. When I was just a little a child Hmi E I was small and very wild Then I grew up went to school Everyone thought that I was cool After that my uncle Bob Gave me my first great job Where I did many things And stole for myself few onion rings A F#mi R: It is only a nice dream D E but you never know like a calm slow stream and then comes the big bad fall 2. Then one day I met you And I got some kind of flu After that when I saw your face You told me "I've got AIDS" I didn't know that life is such a bitch But it seemed that I was rich The night you were lying And now we are dying R: It is... 3. Out to shop I slowly went When I smelled this weird scent Some big guy tried to steal my money He was dumb, but very funny So I told him "Listen son" And he took out a big shotgun Through my head a bullet goes And my life ends with two loud blows R: It is... 4. Then I woke up very scared Feeling that I wet my bed It was only stupid dream, I was glad I felt very sick and very bad Then the next day at the race My girlfrined told me My girlfriend told me "Honey, I have AIDS" R: It is...