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No Place Like Home (Fat Ugly Crappy Kids)

G D 1. You’ve been away You’ve been home A Hmi You’ve been weak and You’ve been strong It’s hard to believe It’s been so long Visit your friends Your mind tells you to do so G A D F#mi Hmi R: Oh Oh No place like home G A D F#mi D Oh Oh Time to come home 2. Coming back It’s not very easy But you know it’s time To change your mind Trying to find a place to live A place to hide Come on let’s go back R: Oh Oh... 3. You’ve made some money You’ve made some friends But there’s no place like Home In this universe You gave the best You could give It wasn’t not enough For these people here R: Oh Oh... 4. Go on in your life and forget all the errors The lifestyle you couldn't get used to it All the changes and differences Go, rather than staying here R: Oh Oh...