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Leave Before The Lights Come On (Arctic Monkeys)

C Emi Dmi C Emi Dmi 1. Well this is a good idea he wouldn't do it if it wasn't He wouldn't do it if it wasn't one. C Emi Dmi Well my friend fancies you, oh what a way to begin it all You said it's always exciting words to hear Emi Dmi R: And we woke up together not quite realising how Emi Dmi Oh when your stretching and yawning, its always hard in the morning Emi Dmi And I suppose that's the price you pay Emi Dmi Oh it isn't what it was, she's thinking he looks different today and oh there's nothing left to guess now. C Emi Dmi 2. You left before the lights came on because you didn't want to ruin All the lust that was brewing before he absolutely had to And how can you wake up with someone you don't love? And not feel slightly fazed by it oh, he had a struggle R: And you woke up together not... C Ami Quick let's leave before the lights come on Dmi Ami Cos then you don't have to see Dmi F Cos then you don't have to see what you've done (2x) Ami G F E I'll walk you up, what time's the bus come?