Johnny One Note (Fitzgerald Ella)

Johnny could only sing one note And the note he sang was this Ah, poor Johnny one note sang out with gusto And just overlorded the place Poor Johnny one note, yelled willy nilly Until he was blue in the face For holding one note was his ace Couldn't hear the brass Couldn't hear the drum He was in a class, by himself, by gum Poor Johnny one note got in Aida Indeed a great chance to be brave He took his one note, howled like the north wind Brought forth wind that made critics rave While Verdi turned round in his grave Couldn't hear the flute Or the big trombone Every one was mute, Johnny stood alone Cats and dogs stopped yapping Lions in the zoo, all were jealous of Johnny's big trill Thunder claps stopped clapping Traffic ceased its roar And they tell us Niagara stood still He stopped the train whistles, boat whistles Steam whistles, cop whistles, all whistles bowed to his skill Sing Johnny one note, sing out with gusto And just overwhelm all the crowd Ah, so sing Johnny one note, out loud Sing Johnny one note Sing Johnny one note out loud