More Than You Know (Fitzgerald Ella)

Whether you are here or yonder, Whether you are false or true Whether you remain or wander, I'm growing fonder of you Even though your friends forsake you, Even though you don't succeed Wouldn't I be glad to take you, Give you the break you need More than you know, more than you know Man of my heart, I love you so Lately I find you're on my mind More than you know Whether you're right, whether you're wrong Man of my heart, I'll string along You need me so Much more than you'll ever know (ever know) Loving you the way that I do There's nothing I can do about it Loving may be all you can give But baby I can't live without it Oh, how I'd cry, oh, how I'd cry If you got tired and said "Good-bye" More than I'd show More than you'd ever know