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All My Friends Say (Bryan Luke)

A I got smoke in my hair, my clothes thrown everywhere A E Woke up in my rockin' chair, holdin' a beer in my hand, A Sportin' a neon tan A My stereo cranked up, I can't find my truck A How'd I get home from the club E Ain't got a clue what went down, so I started calling around A D E R: And all my friends say I started shootin' doubles when you walked in A D E All my friends say I went a little crazy seein' you with him D A You know I don't remember a thing D A But they say I sure was raisin' some cane D A E I was a rock-star, party-hard, gettin' over you comeback kid E A D E Yeah, I must've did what all my friends say (yeah, yeah, yeah) A I found my billfold, I cried oh, no, no A Good Time Charlie got me now I'm broke E But it was worth actin' like a fool E Yeah, girl, I must've really showed you R: And all my friends say... E I was Elvis rockin' on the bar E Workin' the crowd, pourin' out my heart R: And all my friends say... (2x)