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First Love Song (Bryan Luke)

G D Am (2x) G D C Ridin' down the road, listenen' to the radio G D you leaned over and you turned it up G D You said, "Baby this is it, C the one I wanted you to hear G D Don't it sound just like us?" Am C Up 'til then, all I'd ever listened to C was a little Sweet Home, Tuesday's Gone, D and Workin' Man blues G D Am R: This is my first love song C D First time I felt the words, first time I sang along G D Am Whenever it comes on, C D I just think of you and everything you do C Am You're my one, my from now on G D Am My first love song G D Baby I'm not who I was C G You gave me your love and it woke me up D G D and made me more aware of somethin deep inside C G D Something that I have, a life I wanna share Am C And I'll rememebr this as long as I live Am C D Every note, every word, every single kiss R: This is my first love song... (2x)