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Chuggin' Along (Bryan Luke)

Some days you got it all together You swear you have it figured out Other days you're stumbling and a wondering What the hell it's all about Life's kind of funny like that Sometimes you're the dog sometimes you're the cat All you can do is just keep going And thank God for what you have [Chorus] Keep chuggin' along Keep singing your song Put the plow in the ground till the daylights gone When you look back over your shoulder At everything you've done Put the good in your pocket Let the bad ones make you strong Keep chuggin' along Sometimes you get a bill in the mail You don't know how you're gonna pay Then your baby wraps her arms around you And makes it all go away Life's kinda funny like that Sometimes you're the train sometimes you're the track And when that sun goes down And there ain't no goin' back [Chorus x2] Keep chuggin' along Yea keep chuggin' along