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What Country Is (Bryan Luke)

There's a house fly swimming in my sweet tea Hey darlin' pass another Kerr jar to me Butter drippin' off a biscuit, baby better take a bite Cantaloupe thumps like it's finally ripe Box fan on a lawn chair suckin' in swamp air Two hundred mile marker signs from nowhere That's what country is [Chorus:] It ain't a rebel flag you bought at the mall It's a hide away bed in an old horse stall Two kids gettin' caught stealin' a Boone's farm kiss It ain't a John Deere cap that's never fell in the cotton It's a Jimmy Rodgers song that was long forgotten It's homemade peach ice cream on sun-burnt lips That's what country is When the sun starts slippin' from the delta sky And the last scarecrow tucks in for the night Make a fire throw a blanket on the sandy bank 'Bout an hour till we feel the first catfish yank Barefoot cane pole wavin' at the riverboats And when they're gone, take a dip in the moon glow That's what country is [Chorus] It ain't a jacked up truck that's never seen a pasture It's cars pulling over for a no cap tractor It's homemade peach ice cream on sun-burnt lips No, it can't be bought it's somethin' you're born with That's what country is [x4]