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20 (Travis)

Sure it's a gas (We're) Stuck in an English class Can't even dream So it's hard to accept the role you're given When you're sittin' there staring at the ceiling Wishing you were so very far from here When you're 13 What fors and whys If he's got it why can't I You're my queen And I dream about you when I'm in my bed And if all of these things are like you said Then I'd rather be in another scene When I'm 14 Just not fair I'm not getting anywhere Oh hard as a stone They expect us to make it out alone And they scream at us when we're on the phone And they lecture us all about routine When you're 15 Get out of here You're crowding my tender years Don't say you see Cos you'd forgotten what it's like to be And I'm sure that it's changed to some degree Christ's advice ain't never as it seemed When you're 16 Four years go You've fallen before you know You're now of age And you're thrown in a different cage And you're faced with another blank page And I know I don't need to be told