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Blue Flashing Light (Travis)

Em Saturday evening at quarter to five Am I would see him arrive at the door D Pushed you aside as he stagered inside Em spilling alcohol over the floor Em A storm is a brew it is sure to fall soon Am as I look at you from ashore G So you'd better hold on 'cos it's saturday night Em and your friends are all out and you feel like shit G 'cos they never called you no they never called you Em no they never called, never called Never bloody ever Em Call me a name and i'll hit you again Am you're a slut, you're a bitch, you're a hore D talk to your dad in that tone of voice Em there's a belt hanging over the door Em so you run to your room, and you hide in your room Am thinking how you could settle the score Em The blue flashing light last saturday night Am brought the neighbours all out on the street D they watched as the fireman carried you out Em and they stared at each others feet Em everyone sees yet nobody says Am are you all just afraid of the heat G but it's saturday night and i'm lying alone Em and the bed that i made disconnected the phone G still they never call you no they never call you Em no they never call, never call Never bloody ever call