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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Walking Down The Hill (Travis)

Walking down this hill tonight I had a thought all to myself As I contemplated the moonlight We've got it all, we've got it made I don't know how I got here But I'm holding on for the crash Pull myself out of the moon I know I'll never go there but It's shining down from up on high We got it made, we got it made I don't know what we gotta make Sooner or later lay down We're apart, go to pieces Why not go to sleep Look into my heart, oh baby Don't become a part of the past You can be a part of the keep Don't turn away, don't run away Don't leave me hanging by a thread Shine a little love down on me We're in love, make your peace Wasting time is all you need Walking down this hill tonight I had a thought it was my own Moon swept by the clouds and save the starlight Or shall I be or shall I not be I don't know I just don't Feel like it tonight