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Runaway Baby (Mars Bruno)

capo IV Bmi E Ah yes Bmi 1. So look at here look at here E Now what do we have? Bmi Another pretty dame E Ready for me to grab Bmi But little does she know E That I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing Bmi Cause at the end of the night E It’ll be her I be holding mezihra: Bmi I love you so (hey) E That’s what you’ll say (that’s what you’ll say) Bmi E You’ll tell me baby baby please don’t go away (don’t go away) Bmi But when I play (when I play) E I never stay (I never stay) Bmi To every girl that I meet yeah E This is what I’ll say G R: Run, run, runaway F# Runaway baby Bmi E Before I put my spell on you G You better get, get, get away F# Get away darling Bmi E Cause everything you heard is true G Your poor little heart F# Will end up alone Bmi E Cause everyone knows I’m a rolling stone G So you better run, run, runaway F# Runaway baby Bm E Ah yeah 2. Well, let me think, let me think Ah, what should I do? So many eager young bunny's That I'd like to pursue Now even now they eating out The palm of my hand There's only one carrot And they all gotta share it mezihra: R: Bm See I ain't try to hurt you, baby E Bm E No, no, no, I just wanna work you, baby, yup, yup Bm See I ain't try to hurt you, baby E Bm No, no, no, I just wanna work you, baby E Bm If you’re scared you better run E Bm You better run, you better run E You better, you better, you better R: