Who Is (Mars Bruno)

C Em Am G F C Em 1. Oh I was perfect, For the circus Am G F If she did me, I do it, Love makes you stupid C Em I gave it up, But I guess it was not enough Am G F G Cause she never seemed satisfied F (Oohh) F C G R: I know I'm not perfect, But at the end of the day Am G Who is ? F (Oohh) F C She wanted someone thats perfect G Am G Well Okay, But can you tell me Who is ? F G Am (Oohh x2) 2. She set the bar, Just above the stars A rocket couldn't reach it, But I still kept on reaching She watched me try, At least a thousand times If she loved me, She'd stop me But noo (Oohh) R: mezihra: F E I saw something worth my future C G Am G So wrong So wrong F E In my mind I was the reason C G Am G But i guess I wasn't wrong F (Oohh) R: