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The Globalist (Muse)

You were never truly loved You have only been betrayed You were never truly nurtured By churches or the state You were left unprotected To these wild and fragile lands But you can rise up like a god Arm yourself, you can be strong You can build a nuclear power Transform the earth to your desire Free your mind from false beliefs You can be the commander in chief You can hide your true motives To dismantle and destroy Now you finally have the codes I have given you the code 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Fire There's no country left To love and cherish It's gone, it's gone for good It's you and me babe Survivors To hunt and gather memories Of the great nation we were There's no countries left To fight and conquer I think, I destroyed them all. It's human nature The greatest hunter Will survive them all With no one left to love. There's no culture left To love and cherish It's gone, you know it's gone for good A trillion memories Lost in space and time forevermore I just wanted I just needed to be loved.