Ghost of You (Selena Gomez & the Scene)

1. Turned my back To the door Feel so much better now Don’t even try any more Nothing left to lose There’s a voice that’s in the air Saying don’t look back no where There’s a voice that’s always there (with me) I’ll never be quite the same As I was before this Part of you still remains Tho it out of focus You’re just somewhere that I’ve been And I won’t go back again You’re just somewhere that I’ve been R: Breathing in Breathing out Ain’t that what Its all about Livin life Crazy loud Like I have the right to No more words in my mouth Nothing left to figure out But I don’t think I’ll ever break though The Ghost Of You 2. That’s the way I feel tonight I can’t just press delete Expect the world To make it right I know that no can do Gotta let the pages turn Try to live and let it burn While I watch the world keep turning (around) I’ll never be Like I was The day that I met you Too naïve yes I was Boy, That’s why I let you in Wear your memory like a stain Can’t erase or numb the Pain here to stay with me forever *: One of these days I’ll wake up from this bad dream I’m dreaming One of these days I pray that I’ll be Over Over Over you One of these days I’ll realize that I’m So tired of feelin confused But for now There’s a reason why you’re still here in my heart