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Who Says (Selena Gomez & the Scene)

D 1. You made me insecure Told me I wasn't good enough G But who are you to judge When you're a diamond in the rough D I'm sure you got some things You'd like to change about yourself A But when it comes to me I wouldn't want to be anybody else D *: Na na na, na na na G I'm no beauty queen I'm just beautiful me D Na na na, na na na G You've got every right To a beautiful life C'mon D R: Who says Who says you're not perfect G Who says you're not worth it Who says you're the only one that's hurting D Trust me That's the price of beauty G Who says you're not pretty A Who says you're not beautiful Who says D 2. It's such a funny thing How nothing's funny when it's you G You tell 'em what you mean But they keep whiting out the truth D It's like a work of art That never gets to see the light G Keep you beneath the stars A Won't let you touch the sky *: Na na na... R: Who says... Who says D Who says you're not star potential Who says you're not presidential Who says you can't be in movies D A Listen to me, listen to me G Who says you don't pass the test Who says you can't be the best A Who said, who said Won't you tell me who said that Yeah, oh R: Who says...