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Give Me It (The Cure)

Get away from me Get your fingers out of my face This room's so hot This room's so hot I break the walls Get away from me Leave me alone Like the pig on the stairs Hanging In a groovy purple shirt Gasping for air I'm gasping for air I'm gasping for love I'm gasping for air Slit the cats like cheese Then eat the sweet sticky things Suck harder suck harder Suck your insides insides out Blood thick swimming round your feet As you're choking Choking Choking on the fleshy words Give me it give me it give me it Deaden my glassy mind Give me it give me it give me it Make me blind One step back and one step down And slip the needles in my side My head is cold My hands are cold My heart is cold My heart is black And stops every fucking night Every night I wait until it stops Sing birds sing birds sing birds sing Get away