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Jupiter Crash (The Cure)

She follows me down to the sound of the sea Slips to the sand and stares up at me "is this how it happens? is this how it feels? Is this how a star falls? Is this how a star falls?" The night turns as I try to explain Irresistible attraction and orbital plane "or maybe it's more like a moth to a flame?" She brushes my face with her smile "forget about stars for a while" As she melts Meanwhile millions of miles away in space The incoming comet brushes Jupiter's face And disappears away with barely a trace "was that it? was that the Jupiter show? Kinda wasn't quite what I'd hoped for, you know" Pulling away, she stands up slow And round her the night turns Round her the night turns Yeah, that was it That was the Jupiter crash Drawn too close and gone in a flash Just a few bruises in the region of the splash She left to the sound of the sea She just drifted away from me So much for gravity