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Piggy in the Mirror (The Cure)

Shapes in the drink like christ Cracks in the pale blue wall I'm walking slowly and quickly but Always away Twisting twisting to the floor Flowers in your mouth and the same dry Song the routine from laughter land 16 white legs and a row of teeth I watch you in secrecy Your dying for the hope is gone >From here we go nowhere again I'm trapped in my face and I'm changing Too much I can't climb out the way I fell in Jump with me For that old forgotten dance The midnight sun will burn you up Your life is cold Your life is hot Your life's too much for words These occasions are such a relief Another point another view to send We start to talk And it's all so safe I feed you in my dreams Footsteps on a wire High above my head The stain reveals my real intention I'm the waiting beast I'm the twisted nerve As I dance dance Back to the body in my bed Look at the piggy Piggy in the mirror