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The Scream (The Cure)

Yeah I’ve been this way before But something down here changed The spring sun hanging slower Colder in the sky And your voice sounds strange Your voice sounds strange Yeah I’ve been down here before But this time Something really isn’t right Summer sun hangs smaller Paler in the sky And your eyes are too bright Your eyes are too bright It’s like everything I know Is twisted out and wrong The fall sun hanging flatter Lower in the sky And your smile is gone Your smile is gone It’s like twisted out I know Now I can’t wake to Break apart this dream Winter sun hangs weaker Older in the sky And you start to scream You start to scream You start to scream… Scream and you scream This is not a dream This is how it really is There isn’t any other this Is not a dream Scream and you scream Why you have this need Why you can’t be satisfied Always want another why You have this need Scream and you scream Dare me to believe Dare me now to show I care One last chance to make the dare Me to believe Scream and you scream How we ended here How we got from then to now Never really followed how We ended here