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The Book (Sheryl Crow)

I read your book And I find it strange That I know that girl and I know her world A little too well And I didn't know By giving my hand That I would be written down, sliced around, Passed down Among strangers hands Three days in Rome Where do we go I'll always remember Three days in Rome Never again Would I see your face You carry a pen and a paper And no time and words you waste You're a voyeur The worst kind of thief To take what happened To write down everything that went on Between you and me Three days in Rome And I stand alone I'll always remember Three days in Rome And what do I get? Do I get revenge? While you lay it all out Without any doubt Of how this could end Sometimes it goes Sometimes we come To learn by mistake That the love you once made Can't be undone Oh, but, Three days in Rome I laid my heart out I laid my soul down I'll always remember Three days in Rome