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Limbo (Minogue Kylie)

I see them all smiling Those all around me They tend to my wounds and alert my senses And it would be nice But I'm not here I'm dreaming holding on Time has no meaning All of it wasted It smothers me til there's no more air When will it be That I can breathe again I'm waiting in the void (Limbo) Lost in limbo (Limbo) Limbo limbo (Limbo) Lost in limbo (Limbo) This notion of needing Has held me to ransom And all I can do is avoid my mind Don't make me speak Or hear or look Because I'm hurting help me out (Limbo) Lost in limbo (Limbo) Limbo limbo (Limbo) Lost in limbo (Limbo) I'm in limbo I'm killing time I'm killing time Caught in the crossfire Nobody gets it I'm finding it hard to contain myself Take all my trust And faith and hope Until I need it once again