Another Girl Another Planet (Blink-182)

|: E B C#m A :| E B I always flirt with death. C#mi A E I look cute, but I don't care about it. B I can't face your threats C#mi A E And stand up straight and tall and share about it. B C#mi A E B E I think I'm on another world with you, with you. B C#mi A E B E I'm on another planet with you, with you. You get under my skin. I don't find it irritating. You're always pain within, But I won't need rehabilitating, oh no: E A E A Another girl, another planet. E A B E Another girl, another planet. (Yet Another Guitar Solo) Space travel's in my blood. There ain't nothing I can do about it. Long journeys wear me out But I know I can't live without it, I know: E B C#mi A E Another girl is loving you now. B C#mi A Another planet is holding you down. B E Another planet.