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Degenerate (Blink-182)

C G Em Dm 1. Crossed the street naked at night C G Em Bent over to show some moonlight C G Em Dm Pulled out some beer and gulped it down C G Em Dm Nude in a gutter is how I was found 2. Thrown in a police car and the door slammed No noise just silence as I screamed mz dick was jammed Now in prison for one month no one to see All I got is this guy benjamin dover C G F G R: Don't like hesh-don't like rap-kicked ol' sally cause she's fat -I'm a jerk I'm a punk took a shower cause I stunk-smoked a bong killed a cat-had my nuts attacked by rats Dad got nude-I wore a thong-for a hobby I make bombs C G F G C G Em Dm 3. Went to a farm to tip some cows Forgot that I left my pants down Bent over to pick them up Felt a twelve gauge next to my hum-diddy-dum 4. The farmer took me to his house Showed me the closet from the inside out The police came and took me away Saw ben dover again and he's still gay R: Don't like hesh-don't like... C G F G C G Em Dm R: Don't like hesh-don't like...