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Zulu (Blink-182)

I'm feeling what I want to feel I'm saying what I've said all along Because I know the things that are important to me. Because life is too short to belong And those thoughts That I've kept inside With those words That I could not hide Before those times that always remind me That all I ever did was try. So change your tune one step to make a stand I want to speak my mind start my own african tribe I'm alone now run into the deepest pile of shit Cause that's where I'm going to blend in. Go! Those choices that I've never made With those decisions that once cut me a break Cause after all what's left in the end There's somethings that they just can't take So take a bow Well you're not that great So pat your back Go off and masturbate Cause one thing that you know for sure Your hand is not a lonesome date.