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Censorshit (Ramones)

A A D A 1. Tipper what's that sticker sticking on my CD Is that some kind of warning to protect me Freedom of choice needs a stronger stronger voice You can stamp out the source but you cant stop creative thought E A E A R: Ah Tipper come on Ain't you been getting it on D A E A Ask Ozzy Zappa or me we'll show you what it's like to be free E A E A Ah Tipper come on it's just a smokescreen for the real problems D A E S&L deficit the homeless the enviornment 2. Hey hey all you all you senator's wives Better take a good look at your own lives Before you go preach to me Your definition of obsenity R: Ah Tipper come... 3. The irony it seems it seems to me It's unamerican policy Yeah, we come so far but still only to find People like you with ignorant minds R: Ah Tipper come... (2x)