Slug (Ramones)

E A F# B (2x) E A F# B E A F# B 1. Lying in bed one summer's night. Everything wasn't all right. E A F# B E A F# B Something started crawling on me. A S - L - U - G! B A X: I saw her walking in the woods last night. F# And I new something wasn't right. A S-L-U-G no no no no. B Why'd she have to go oh oh oh (2x) C# F# R: And I know that if I had her back today A B Yeah I know, I know, I know, I know...why is it always this way? 2. = 1. X: I saw her walking... R: And I know... A F# E E S-L-U-G S-L-U-G (4x)