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The Return of Jackie and Judy (Ramones)

Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt They went down to the Mudd Club And they both got drunk Oh-yeah Jackie is a bookie, Judy's taking loans They both came up to New York Just to see the Ramones Oh-yeah And oh, I don't know why she wrote that letter Oh no, oh no Oh I don't know why We won't forget her, oh no Jackie's playing hooky Judy's playing pool They both got caught for cutting Got to go to summer school Oh-yeah Jackie's scalping tickets Judy's getting harassed They both got kicked outside Didn't have a backstage pass Oh-yeah And oh, I don't why she wrote that letter Oh no, oh no And oh, I don't know why, Dont't know what's on her mind I don't know, no, I don't know But I can't stand to see her cryin' She's still cryin', she ain't tryin' She's going to get left behind Nobody wants you, nobody wants you