Circles (Ashcroft Richard)

I love you even though I'm crazy You love me Though I'm foolish and I'm lazy In the respect of all the things I've done Just let them go now And all I wanna do Is take a hold now Of your loving arms Of your loving arms I love it when When the sun lights our bed All of you is sleeping And there ain't a thought in my head And all I wanna do Is say the words that need to be said All I wanna do Is say what needs to be said Don't want you unfed with this feeling All I need is you to know All I need is for you to know And freedom never comes to the searchers Keep going round in circles And I don't care for your particular colour Mine's blue, and what's the bother? Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh All I really need is a friend All I really need is this to end All I really need is your smile And all I really need Just a little more time